Installation and Repairs

Fire Inspection Services Pty Ltd provide Fire Protection Installations and assist with Council Fire Orders in accordance with Australian Standards and Building Code Australia requirements.

Dry Fire Installation and Repairs

  • Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
  • Occupant Warning Systems and Intercommunications
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Exit and Emergency Lighting

Wet Fire Systems Repairs

  • Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Fire Hydrant Systems
  • Fire Pumpsets
  • Fire Hose Reels
  • Hydraulic Design
  • Fire Suppression Systems

Portable Fire Equipment Installation and Repairs

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Blankets

Passive Fire Installation and Repairs

  • Fire Doors
  • Fire Seals
  • Paths of Travel
  • Fire Containment

Design, Supply and Installation of Fire Safety Diagrams

  • Emergency evacuation plans
  • Hydrant system block plan
  • Fire detection system zone block plans